Why The Humble Forklift Is The Most Underrated Vehicle In The Construction Industry

There are many important vehicles that make up the backbone of the construction industry, from the towering cranes to the simple flatbed truck, but none are quite so underrated as the forklift. Usually it is the vehicles that are loud and everyone can see that get the most credit, like the cement mixer or the trucks that most people see on the road, but in reality most people forget just how important a role the smaller vehicles play in the construction of almost every building in Australia. Read More 

Need Some Help Choosing Between Bobcat Wet Hire and Dry Hire?

The most important factors to consider when hiring a bobcat machine (regardless of the hire being wet or dry) is the experience of operators, licensing and condition of the equipment. A wet bobcat hire means an operator will be included in the machine hire while a dry bobcat hire means there will be no operator. You will have to get an operator. How will you make an informed decision? Consider Your Budget and On-Site Liability Read More