Need Some Help Choosing Between Bobcat Wet Hire and Dry Hire?

The most important factors to consider when hiring a bobcat machine (regardless of the hire being wet or dry) is the experience of operators, licensing and condition of the equipment. A wet bobcat hire means an operator will be included in the machine hire while a dry bobcat hire means there will be no operator. You will have to get an operator. How will you make an informed decision?

Consider Your Budget and On-Site Liability

A wet hire will be more expensive than a dry hire. The reason behind this is you will be paying for the operator's labour as well as the equipment hire. An advantage to this is that you will reduce risks such as on-site breakdowns. The operator will be used to working with the particular bobcat machine and know how it works best, and they may have a vested interest in keeping the equipment in excellent condition. This will, in turn, give you increased productivity and low operating costs as your project will run smoothly without stalls from breakdowns.

A dry hire will require you to have an operator. The advantage to this is that you will save on the costs needed to pay for the operator's labour. If you do not have an operator, you can get a third party who will be much cheaper.

Interview and Screening Process

A dry hire will have an extensive and more extended interview and screening process than a wet hire. This is because the hire company has to make sure the operator to handle its equipment is thoroughly trained and experienced and has the necessary licences. Additionally, the operator needs to be instructed on how to use the particular equipment being hired, how to perform inspection and maintenance and what to do in case of specific occurrences.


When it comes to quality, it will entirely depend on your needs and competency of an operator. If you are choosing dry hire, make sure your operator has enough experience. You will need to go with him or her to the hire company so that you can inspect the equipment and he or she can be interviewed.

Some equipment can be complicated, and it would be wiser to choose wet hire in such instances. You would rather compromise on the cost than on-site liability and the success of your project. The small sacrifice in the price between wet and dry hire can be much lesser than the costs you will incur if a machine breaks down in the hands of your operator.