Critical Areas You Need to Understand When Hiring Earthmoving Equipment

Earthmoving equipment can be quite expensive to own, and that is why contractors or builders hire them. Care has to be taken, and the terms and conditions have to be read and understood. You do not want to incur additional avoidable costs because you did not follow instructions and mess up your budget, which can stall your project. Note the important areas you need to understand and adhere to when you hire earthmoving equipment.


When hiring earthmoving equipment, you will have to stipulate for how long you need it, and you will have to fill and sign some documents containing the terms of the company. By signing, you will have accepted the terms and committed to following them to the letter—failure to which there will be a liability.

The documents will also include charges and fees. They will include what fines may be charged if you did something that was not contained in the agreement. There may be also charges for the repair, replacement and cleaning of equipment.

What to Do in Case of Any Breakdown

There will be some instructions on what you should do in case the earthmoving equipment breaks down. They may include to stop using the equipment immediately and contact the hire company to prevent injury and to prevent any further damage to the earthmoving equipment.

Additionally, the earthmoving equipment hire company will not let you try and repair the equipment on your own. Most likely, the company has its own repair technicians. You may be required to pay for the repair though.


Before you hire the equipment, you have to make sure it is the right one for what you need. Any replacement may be charged. Have an earthmoving specialist with you to help you choose and inspect the equipment.

Once hired, do not let any untrained or impaired person operate the equipment. Skills and safety are paramount. Also, all workers or individuals operating on the site need to have the right protective gear. Basically, all safety procedures have to be adhered to during equipment operation.

The earthmoving equipment should also be cleaned, fuelled and lubricated where necessary. Usually, the hire company will provide a pre-start checklist and also an inspection checklist. The hire company will also make visits to the site to check on their equipment.

The earthmoving equipment hire company may not allow any kind of re-hire service that stipulates you cannot hire out the equipment again. The person or group that hired the equipment should be the only users.

These are the important areas you need to consider. It is, however, crucial that you read all the terms and conditions of the earthmoving equipment hire company to ensure the smooth flow of work and avoid incurring avoidable costs.