What to Know about Crane Riggers and Inspectors

When you are the foreman of a construction site, you'll need to prepare for inspectors. Some of the inspectors you will likely come into contact with are crane rigger inspectors. Before the inspectors arrive to check your rigging, there are several things you need to know. Here are a few of the key points, what you need to know about each point and how you can prepare for the inspections.

Inspection Areas

You may think the inspectors will check your cranes and your crane rigging. Though these are the important areas of the inspection, there are other areas that are checked. During the inspection, the rigging on each crane will be checked thoroughly. The platforms will also be checked. In addition to this, the rigging and hoisting equipment will be checked. The idea is for the inspector to check everything, from the initial crane rigger's job to the operation of the crane, to ensure every aspect is safe for the site and the workers.

Investigating Complaints

In addition to the rigging equipment inspection, the inspectors will also check any related crane rigging accidents or complaints. They will go through any accidents that have happened and determine if there is a chance the accidents could have been avoided if people had been following proper rigging techniques. They may also ensure that the accidents cannot happen again or have a significantly reduced chance of occurring again. The complaints and previous accidents may be due to rigging issues or crane riggers that were improperly done. The inspectors can find this, help with options and instruct you to make certain changes.

Assistance with Rigging Reports

Most construction sites that use cranes and crane rigging will have rigging reports. These reports show who did the rigging, if there were any issues and if there were problems with the equipment. If you do not have this type of system at your current construction site, consider implementing one prior to the inspection. If your rigging log is lacking any information, the inspectors will let you know so they can be updated for future inspections and audits.

Make sure you begin preparing for inspections well before the inspection date. Some rigging inspectors will contact you beforehand. Other crane rig inspectors may not contact you at all and may perform a surprise inspection. By preparing now, you can ensure you are ready for most of the crane inspections you will receive.

For more information, reach out to a crane rigging company.