Why The Humble Forklift Is The Most Underrated Vehicle In The Construction Industry

There are many important vehicles that make up the backbone of the construction industry, from the towering cranes to the simple flatbed truck, but none are quite so underrated as the forklift. Usually it is the vehicles that are loud and everyone can see that get the most credit, like the cement mixer or the trucks that most people see on the road, but in reality most people forget just how important a role the smaller vehicles play in the construction of almost every building in Australia.

What Does The Forklift Do On A Construction Site?

Forklifts are very sturdy vehicles that are primarily used to move extremely heavy building materials through tight conditions in a short period of time. This material would otherwise have to be moved by crane or very slowly by hand. In this way, the forklift is the goldilocks of construction vehicles—not too small, not too big, just perfect to move in and around the smallest of places you could generally expect on a construction site. This may seem like a fairly innocuous job, but, apart from actually constructing the material, getting the material to the place it needs to be (in one piece) is the hardest job on the entire worksite, and forklifts eliminate the risk of this task almost entirely. 


The best thing about owning or hiring a forklift is that it can be used across many different fields of work, from construction to storage and everything in between. Forklifts are very well known as instrumental in warehouse storage, and for good reason, but they are also used in many different recycling plants and almost every port in the world. You can even attach a broom or sweep to the front of a forklift and get it to clean the floor. In that regard, a forklift as a vehicle is much more useful than single-purpose vehicles, like the crane or the cement mixer, which is why they should be part of every serious construction company's fleet of vehicles. 


Forklifts, due to their compact size, are much more durable than many larger, vehicles you will find on a construction site. With more moving parts, there is more that can go wrong, and, because of its small stature, the forklift is much less prone to stress and other types of workload-related breakdowns. Forklifts can also traverse big construction sites much easier than clunky, big vehicles, as they have better acceleration and a smaller turning circle. If you are on the fence about whether a forklift is really useful for your next construction site, there really can be no question, hire a forklift and get your site built quicker, safer and easier. 

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