Five Benefits of Getting an EWP License

An EWP license is a certification you receive after taking elevated working platform (EWP) training. This certification can be useful in a number of ways. Here's just some of the ways an EWP license may help your professional life. 1. Gives You the Ability to Apply for More Jobs There are all kinds of jobs that require people to work on elevated platforms such as boom lifts or scissor lifts. With an EWP license, you can apply for jobs with electrical companies that do line repair, roofing companies, window cleaners and thousands of other options. Read More 

What to Look at When Hiring a Mobile Crane

When doing new construction or renovations, mobile cranes are valuable in assisting you in moving, lifting, and lowering lots of materials. In addition, their versatile design enables contractors to hire them in various capacities for use in any job site and project. Mobile cranes have the unique advantage of mobility which means you can easily transport them and quickly set them up on arrival. If you are a contractor looking to hire a mobile crane, it's important to go through your checklist of factors so that the configuration and size of the crane you hire is suitable for the task at hand. Read More 

Money Saving Hydraulic Maintenance Tips

As an operator of heavy construction equipment, you continually strive to avoid the costly downtime that occurs when a machine needs repairs. The high pressures and temperatures associated with the hydraulic components on almost every piece of equipment means that preventative maintenance is essential. Here is a quick guide to some simple hydraulics maintenance procedures that will save you money and keep your equipment in great working order. Analyze the Oil Read More 

Why Have Your Staff Take Forklift Training Even After Getting a License?

In order to legally operate a forklift on any jobsite or in any facility, a person needs a special license for operating heavy-duty equipment. This type of license is different than their standard driver's license and can be required for not just forklifts but also earth-moving equipment, small cranes and the like. Even if your staff all have forklift licenses, it can be good to send them back to classes every year or even more often as a refresher. Read More 

Understanding the Different Types of Cranes You Can Hire

Cranes come in a wide variety of models and choices, from mini cranes that can be used on home remodeling projects to large-scale cranes that you need to use for high-rises and other such construction. If you need to rent or hire a crane for a project, and this is your first time having to decide on the best type of crane for your use, note a few different types of cranes you might find so you can determine the right one for your needs. Read More