Crane Inspection and Maintenance Guide for New Owners

A new crane installation at your workplace will call for a little adjustment time while you learn the ropes and come to understand the requirements involved. Crane inspection and servicing are top priorities. Find out all you need to know about crane inspection, how often it is needed and the required documentation, inspector certifications and more in this handy summary. Why Cranes Need Inspections As a business owner, you have obligations under the Work Health and Safety Regulations (WHS) to ensure that your workers and others are not exposed to risks that may arise from your business undertakings. Read More 

Key Areas to Look at when Selecting Trench Shoring Equipment

When it comes to the protection of employees working underground, nothing does a better job than trench shoring equipment. However, although contractors understand how dangerous it is to work below ground, few take the time to select trench shoring equipment that matches their specific needs. Such a move can expose workers to the risk of fatalities and the contractor to unending lawsuits. This article discusses the key areas to look at when selecting trench shoring equipment. Read More 

What to Know about Crane Riggers and Inspectors

When you are the foreman of a construction site, you'll need to prepare for inspectors. Some of the inspectors you will likely come into contact with are crane rigger inspectors. Before the inspectors arrive to check your rigging, there are several things you need to know. Here are a few of the key points, what you need to know about each point and how you can prepare for the inspections. Read More 

Critical Areas You Need to Understand When Hiring Earthmoving Equipment

Earthmoving equipment can be quite expensive to own, and that is why contractors or builders hire them. Care has to be taken, and the terms and conditions have to be read and understood. You do not want to incur additional avoidable costs because you did not follow instructions and mess up your budget, which can stall your project. Note the important areas you need to understand and adhere to when you hire earthmoving equipment. Read More 

Why The Humble Forklift Is The Most Underrated Vehicle In The Construction Industry

There are many important vehicles that make up the backbone of the construction industry, from the towering cranes to the simple flatbed truck, but none are quite so underrated as the forklift. Usually it is the vehicles that are loud and everyone can see that get the most credit, like the cement mixer or the trucks that most people see on the road, but in reality most people forget just how important a role the smaller vehicles play in the construction of almost every building in Australia. Read More