Common Types of Earthmoving Work That Are Commonly Done During Site Preparation for a Home

Some people luck out and purchase properties that are fully prepared for home building, but this often is not the case. If you are planning on having a home built and have already chosen and purchased your property, then you might need to take a few steps before the property will be fully ready for home building. These are some of the different types of earthmoving work that might have to be done so that your home building site can be prepared for construction.

Rock Removal

If there is rock on your property, it will probably have to be removed before home building can begin. For example, the area where you want to build your home might be built up with a lot of rocks. As you can probably imagine, removing and moving rock can be a dangerous and difficult job. However, it's not something that you have to do yourself, nor do you have to give up on building a home on a plot of land that is rocky. Instead, you can hire an earthmoving company. Then, the professionals can bring out the necessary equipment to push the rock out of the way or to haul it away from the building site.


You need a nice, perfectly flat area for home building to begin on, but unfortunately, your property might not be smooth and flat just yet. This might seem like a big job to deal with, but earthmoving companies perform grading jobs for this purpose all the time. They should bring along the necessary earthmoving equipment so that they can move and spread the dirt on your property so that it's nice and flat. In some cases, they might need to bring in a load of dirt so that they can move it around and make the land nice and flat.

Installing Trenches or Ditches

You might be concerned about drainage on your property during the building process or after your home has been built. If you work with an earthmoving company that will dig trenches or ditches, you can enjoy improved drainage.

Digging for Your Foundation

Depending on the type of foundation that you are having installed, some digging might be needed for the foundation. Someone from an earthmoving company can dig a spot for your concrete pad foundation or can help with installing screw piles.

When starting a construction project, it's important to have it be cleared. Contact an earthmoving company to learn more.