Is crushed rock the right solution for your garden?

If you are a gardener, one of the most frustrating problems you have to deal with is weeds. It can seem as if no sooner do you pull up the weeds and put the tools away, than they are starting to sprout again. It is almost as if a freshly cleared flowerbed is an invitation for weeds to start growing. If you want to prevent weed growth but don't want to use large amounts of weedkiller, your options are limited. One solution that you may not have considered is crushed rock.

Crushed rock for weed control

Gravel or crushed rock may not sound very interesting, but it can be highly effective as a means of weed control. By spreading crushed rock over all the areas of your garden that you don't want to plant, you can create a low-maintenance, weed-free surface that presents an attractive appearance outside any home.

Can you use crushed rock in any other ways?

If an entire garden full of crushed rock and plants doesn't suit your plans, there are still many ways that you could incorporate crushed rock into your garden. Perhaps, you could combine crushed rock with stepping stones or a grassed area to create a pleasant contrast. By choosing the colours of your crushed rock carefully, you can produce a range of effects around your property.

Isn't crushed rock boring?

Some people are deterred from using crushed rock or gravel because they think that it is dull. If you visit your local crushed rock supplier, you will soon discover that this isn't the case. Crushed rock is available in a range of colours and sizes so that it can easily complement whatever style you have or want to create for the outside of your home.

Isn't crushed rock difficult to move on?

Sometimes, when you look at gravel, it can give the impression that it is difficult to walk on or that it makes it hard to manoeuvre a baby buggy or wheelchair. By choosing the right size of crushed rock, you can ensure that it compacts under your feet, creating a solid surface that makes walking easy. Selecting the right sized crushed rock will also ensure that small pieces of the rock will not be trapped in your shoes and tracked into the home, damaging the floor and other furnishings.

To learn more about the benefits crushed rock can offer your garden, talk to your local supplier today.