Why Use a Tub Grinder on Your Land Clearing Project?

When you're clearing a piece of land, your initial plans focus on how to clear everything off the ground. While this takes you some way to getting the plot clear, it doesn't cover what happens to the stuff you remove. Using a tub grinder during the clearing process is one way to get rid of green waste. What are tub grinders and how can they help you with land clearing?

What Are Tub Grinders?

Tub grinders get their name from their tub-shaped appearance. These machines have industrial cutters and grinders inside that break down green waste, like trees, bark, wood, scrub and bushes. You put the waste in the tub, and it grinds it down and turns it into mulch.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Tub Grinder?

When you clear land, you have to find a way to dispose of the green waste you remove. If you don't have any unused space on the plot to store the waste until it degrades and breaks down, then you may need to pay to have it taken away.

If you have a tub grinder on site, you can grind up all this waste on the spot. Compared to horizontal grinders, tub grinders can handle different sizes of waste more easily. For example, their round opening allows them to cope with even large pieces of scrub or bundles of branches. You won't have to spend as much time breaking up waste to make it fit in the grinder.

One of the biggest advantages of using a tub grinder is its end product. A grinder doesn't just get rid of green waste; it turns it into something useful — mulch. You can reuse mulch for other purposes. For example, you can use the mulch to fertilise the land once you've cleared it. The land may not be in great shape if it has been neglected for a long time; the clearance process itself may not have helped its condition.

If you put the mulch the grinder creates back into the land, you give it a health boost. If you don't want to mulch the land or have mulch left over, then you may even be able to sell some of it. Tub grinders come in different sizes. If you've never used one before, then it can be hard to gauge what size to go for. To get advice on the best grinder for your land clearance, talk to your construction equipment supplier.