3 Things to Know about Semi-Trailer Shelter Conversion

An increasingly popular option for people wanting to convert pre-existing options into long-term living solutions is to use a semi-trailer. These semi-trailers can be a suitable framework for long-term living solutions when they are converted properly. Here are three things you need to know about semi-trailer shelter conversion. These three key points may make the difference in the type of semi-trailer you use or if you use one at all.

1. Insulation and Space 

You will lose some space inside the semi-trailer when you add insulation. There are some schools of thought that you don't need insulation or that the insulation can be basic. The truth is, the amount of insulation will greatly depend on where you are located. For example, if you are in a very cold weather environment, then you will need insulation specifically for that purpose. 

Remember that the walls to semi-trailers are generally thinner than the walls to a modular home or brick and mortar home would be. When you put in the insulation, you will lose some of the space, and this should be considered when you are making measurements for sinks, bathing areas and sleeping areas.

2. Plumbing and Drainage

Depending on what the semi-trailer was used for originally, you may not have a drainage option already built in. Some refrigerated units may have a drainage area, but if you buy a traditional semi-trailer, you will need to have basic plumbing and drainage put in, at least for the sinks and showers. These can be simple drainage pipes or can move into a storage container or greywater unit.

3. Permits and Requirements

Using a semi-trailer as a long-term living option is not the same as using a trailer or a tiny home. Once converted, you will have to make sure that the semi-trailer will meet living guidelines and permits in the area you plan on staying. For example, you may have to have certain amenities in order to legally live in the converted semi-trailer. These are guidelines you can check on easily with a local permit office.

If you think that a semi-trailer may be an ideal option as a framework for a shelter conversion, consider visiting transport business auctions. They will have semi-trailers on sale, and many will work well for your needs. You can also find a semi-trailer through classified ads or even junkyards that allow you to remove the items for a small fee.