Five Benefits of Getting an EWP License

An EWP license is a certification you receive after taking elevated working platform (EWP) training. This certification can be useful in a number of ways. Here's just some of the ways an EWP license may help your professional life.

1. Gives You the Ability to Apply for More Jobs

There are all kinds of jobs that require people to work on elevated platforms such as boom lifts or scissor lifts. With an EWP license, you can apply for jobs with electrical companies that do line repair, roofing companies, window cleaners and thousands of other options.

2. Enhances CV

Additionally, when you note your EWP license on your CV, that enhances your resume. Prospective employers or head hunters are likely to notice that training, and that can give you a head start over other candidates.

3. Makes It Easier to Apply for Promotions

Currently working in a construction-related field? Then you may want to improve your likelihood of getting an internal promotion by getting an EWP license or a similar type of training. You may want to talk with your boss about the options before you get the license, or you may just want to get it so you have options.

4. Helps If You Decide to Open Your Own Business

If you decide to open your own business, an EWP license can also help. With the right training, you can do a lot more tasks at heights, and the more versatility you have, the easier it may be to attract new clients.

For instance, if you are a house painter, it may be easier to branch into commercial painting jobs if you have the ability to work at heights. You don't even necessarily need to own the equipment. You can just hire it.

5. Helps With Understanding What Employees Are Doing

If you are a manager, a business owner or a supervisor, it can help to know and understand what your underlings are doing. If you have workers who use elevated work platforms on a regular basis, you may want to get that license yourself.

With the knowledge you need to get a license, you will get a better understanding of the work your employees do. That makes it easier to supervise them, and, additionally, when you know which risks they are taking, you may be more prone to instruct your workers to use the proper safety equipment before they go up in lifts and booms. 

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