4 Innovative Study Methods to Help You Pass Your Forklift License Test

A forklift training course can be a great way to learn new skills, improve your CV and expand the duties you can legally do at work. If you're thinking about earning a forklift operator certificate, you need to enroll in a course and complete some forklift license testing. To help you pass the test, check out these innovative study tips.

1. Shadow a Forklift Operator for a Day

Before enrolling in a forklift training class, you may want to see what these specialists do during their workdays. To make that possible, see if you can shadow a forklift operator for a day. If you work in a facility that has forklift operators, ask your boss to set up a connection for you.

Otherwise, contact another company to see if they will let you shadow or at least meet with one of their operators. This is a great chance to learn firsthand about the industry.

2. Choose the Right Format for Your Learning Style

If you enroll in an online course for forklift license training, you can work at your own pace. For a lost of students, that's easier than working through the material in a classroom setting. However, if you tend to learn better whilst listening to a lecture, you may want to skip the online option and take an in-person seminar. Ultimately, you need to choose the format that works with your learning style.

3. Hire a Forklift

Typically, there is a hands-on component to most forklift training courses, and additionally, you may have to operate a forklift as part of the license testing. To get extra practice, you may want to hire a forklift. Many equipment hire companies offer everything from forklifts to boom lifts and everything in between.

4. Watch YouTube Videos

To see how other forklift operators handle tough tasks, you may want to head to YouTube or another video sharing site. Once there, start searching for likely scenarios. For instance, "how to move an uneven load with a forklift" or "how to drive a forklift off a trailer" are some potential topics to search.

As you watch other operators using their forklifts in a variety of conditions, you'll pick up tips and tricks that go beyond what you learn in your course. Additionally, when you spend watching and thinking about forklifts, you're more likely to have that information fresh in your mind when you sit down for your test.