Why Have Your Staff Take Forklift Training Even After Getting a License?

In order to legally operate a forklift on any jobsite or in any facility, a person needs a special license for operating heavy-duty equipment. This type of license is different than their standard driver's license and can be required for not just forklifts but also earth-moving equipment, small cranes and the like. Even if your staff all have forklift licenses, it can be good to send them back to classes every year or even more often as a refresher. Note why this is and what is covered in these classes that can be used by your staff, even after getting their licensing.

Confined spaces

Working in confined spaces can be a challenge, especially for forklift drivers as they need to be able to manoeuvre safely without causing damage with the forks. Even when the forks are lifted and folded up, this can still be a challenge as a driver may then have their field of vision obstructed. A refresher course can help them practice in such confined spaces and, in turn, you may have less risk of seeing damage to your merchandise in a crowded warehouse or other such facility.

Load calculation

Being able to calculate a load's weight and dimensions is vital for any forklift driver who needs to lift and transport more than a standard load on a pallet. This is especially true if they're lifting a load to a very high height or are removing pallets from such elevated heights. A miscalculation can mean spilling the load or even tipping the forklift, causing damage to property and injury to your staff. A refresher course can help a forklift driver better calculate the weight of a load based on the resistance they get from their forks, so they can break up the load or take added precautions to keep it steady and secure.

Workplace and occupational safety

A forklift driver needs to be concerned with more than just the load they're carrying; they need to be concerned with foot traffic, other vehicles in a facility or parking lot, obstructions in the workplace, and the like. They may need some reminders of how to check for workplace safety, including keeping themselves safe when in the cab of the forklift and when parking and manoeuvring. A good refresher course can reduce the risk of a workplace accident; you might especially consider this for forklift drivers that work in retail stores and other such facilities with heavy foot traffic and many obstacles they need to work around.

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