The Rules of Handling Demolition Waste

When you do home demolition, whether you are remodeling the entire home or simply taking down a wall to make a room larger, you will end up with a lot of waste. From flooring tiles to drywall, the waste can pile up quickly. It will most likely be too much for your regular waste bin, so you will need to figure out other ways to handle it. Here are some rules to follow when dealing with the demolition waste.

Don't Throw Away What Can be Recycled

It can be tempting to simply toss all demolition waste into one skip bin or dumpster and have it hauled away, but consider that all of that material is going to end up in your local landfill. A lot of materials that are taken down and thrown away can actually be recycled. You may not want to reuse them for other home projects, but that doesn't mean your local recycling centre won't take them. If you have items like broken glass windows, carpeting or floor tiles, broken wood furniture, plumbing or lighting fixtures, or pipes and wiring, ask local recycling centres if they will take them. You have just helped the environment and possibly earned a little money as well.

Inquire About Skip Bin Permits

A good way to dispose of the demolition waste that is left over and can't be recycled is to rent a skip bin. This bin is delivered to your home, where you either park it on the street in front of your house or in your driveway if there is room. These bins are rather large and can not only be an eyesore, but get in the way of government vehicles that need to get by when they are parked on the street. For this reason, you might need to get a permit. Make sure you find out about the rules of having a skip bin permit before you have one delivered to your home. There may be stipulations, such as if it will be on your street more than a couple days, you need a permit.

Rent the Bin Before Demolition or Remodeling

It is also a good idea to rent the skip bin before you even start the demolition or remodeling project. This helps you keep the messes to a minimum as you work. If you are tearing down a wall, and you know nearby recycling centres don't accept drywall, you can put the drywall chunks right into the bin after tearing down the wall. This helps you to keep the inside of the home clean as you work. By the time you are done with the demolition, most of the waste is already in the bin and ready for pickup.

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