What Makes Diamond Drill Rods Excellent Drilling Consumables?

When it comes to wireline drilling applications, diamond drill rods are continuously being advanced to surpass the demands of today's drilling contractors all over the world. The following benefits indicate why diamond rods are a popular choice of products in many construction drilling projects.

Exceptional power

Diamond easily cuts through virtually all hard materials. When used with diamond drill bits, diamond rods can drill holes through rock, stone, marble, concrete and many more with an ease that is inconceivable with other conventional types of drill rods.

Diamond drill rods will perform hard-surface cutting with great power yet still last longer than many traditional wireline drill rods. They are usually manufactured using high-grade materials, e.g. steel alloys, and cutting-edge manufacturing processes, e.g. CNC machining, to provide reliable performance and durability in even the most demanding drilling environments.

By ensuring a proper balance in the metallurgical matrix of diamond drill rods, greater control over the heat treatment process is achieved, allowing drilling contractors to enjoy consistent and reliable service life.

Environmental-friendly choice  

Diamond rods are used in wireline drilling due to their environmental benefits. They leave behind little or no debris and dust during the drilling process and are thus eco-friendly. Concrete dust, for instance, is considered harmful when inhaled by human beings and using diamond drill rods will ensure the good health of people found around the construction site.

In addition, the noise produced from construction drilling sites can sometimes be ear-piercing. However, when used in drilling, wireline diamond rods generate minimal noise levels. As such, they're suitable for drilling applications, e.g. renovation of residential buildings, where noise levels must be kept low to avoid disturbing people living around the area.

Saves time

At times, a construction project may require a lot of drilling work, and this may consume a huge amount of the available project time if the wrong drilling components and equipment are used. Besides being able to cut through virtually any type of ground material, diamond rods will complete drilling jobs relatively faster than other rods, e.g. hardened steel rods.

As products whose strength is unrivalled even by hardened steel rods, diamond drill rods will drill holes into any ground at outstanding speeds.

Prevents damage to construction material

Using wireline diamond rods ensures that the holes drilled in brick, concrete, stone, etc. are clean and accurate. This saves money that could else have been spent in replacing broken, cracked or chipped construction material attributed to using conventional drill rods like tungsten carbide rods.