How to Choose the Right Earthmoving Equipment for a Home Project

Whether clearing out some brush for a new farm area or digging up a pit for a new pool, you want to have the right earthmoving equipment on hand. This will make the job go much more smoothly and quickly and even ensure your safety, as you won't need to actually be in a pit to do digging when you use earthmoving equipment. Note a few factors to consider when you need to rent earthmoving equipment so you know you choose the right piece and get the job done quickly and safely.

1. Tractors and dozers

Tractors and dozers may look alike to you, but on closer inspection you may see a slight difference in their bucket. A tractor is meant to pick up and carry loads in the bucket, whereas a dozer is meant to push it along without necessarily actually picking it up. A dozer's attachment may not actually be a bucket but a shallow shovel, and this won't allow you to collect the debris you're clearing. A tractor with a deep bucket may not easily push debris out of the way. 

If you're clearing land and only need to push brush to one side or push gravel into a pile, a dozer can be the right choice. However, if you need to collect brush and debris or dig up that debris, you want a tractor with an actual bucket.

2. Trenchers

A trencher is the right choice for when you're digging any type of long, narrow pit or need to create trenches for planting a farm or garden. Trenchers will have long and deep buckets that are meant to dig those narrow pits; they give you more control when you need to dig up small areas to bury pipes or lines and they are an especially good choice when working near your home's foundation. You'll be less likely to cause damage to the foundation with errant digging when you use a trencher to create a narrow space.

3. Breakers and tampers

A breaker is like an excavator with a jackhammer head. Rather than simply digging into the ground, it vibrates so as to break up rock and other heavy soil. If you need to dig up a concrete driveway or old pool, don't try to use a standard backhoe or dozer but invest in a good breaker. These may also have a tamper attachment which then tamps down the soil to make it compact. The vibrating action can be used for both the breaker and the tamper to create the dig you need for your project.