3 Important Questions to Ask Before Any Earthmoving Hire

Earthmoving equipment can ensure that any excavation job is done quickly and safely. This equipment can range from heavy-duty cranes for construction sites to dump trucks you can use on your personal property, to water tanks that provide the water you need to soften soil and make it easier to dig. Whether you're hiring earthmoving equipment from a company like Maudsley Excavations for a residential dig or for a major construction project, you want to ensure you know everything involved in its rental and choose the right equipment for the job. Note a few important questions to ask a rental agency before signing any papers.

1. What special licenses are required for transport or use of the equipment?

If you're renting a dump truck or a water tank for a home project, you may need special licenses to haul the water tank behind your car or truck, or a license to use the dump truck on your property. Special licenses are also often required for operating any type of crane, from something small you would use on private property to heavy-duty cranes on construction sites. If you manage a construction company and don't have a licensed crane operator on staff, you may want to rent the equipment from a company that provides the crane with an operator to ensure it's operated safely.

2. Can the equipment manage very soft soil?

Some earthmoving equipment may be designed for pavement such as at construction sites, and these may be too heavy for work on soft soil. They may easily sink into the soil or leave deep tread marks on your property. If you need earthmoving equipment for work near a body of water where the soil can be very soft and muddy, or for your residential property, be sure to ask about the right equipment to use. You may need treads rather than tires or may need to adjust the size and the weight of the equipment you rent so it's safe.

3. Do you need an enclosed cab?

Unless the weather forecast calls for very mild weather during your dig, you may want to consider earthmoving equipment with an enclosed cab. This will keep the operator safe and dry but also ensure they have a better view of the jobsite. Trying to work when there is rain or dust in your eyes can make it impossible to see clearly, so an enclosed cab can make the operation of the equipment safer for everyone.