4 Kinds of Trailers Used to Transport Heavy Cargo

You may be wondering how the heavy machinery that you wish to install in your factory will be delivered to the site. This article discusses four kinds of trailers that heavy haulage companies like SC Heinrich & Co Pty Ltd can use to move such cargo safely and efficiently.

Special Trailers

These are specially designed to move extremely large and heavy cargo. For instance, a special trailer can be used to transport the specially built cooling tower that you ordered for your factory. The special trailer can be modified so that it is appropriate to move a particular piece of cargo. For instance, its width can be extended so that it can carry a particularly wide payload. Such special trailers may require permits before they get onto to the road. This is because the trailer will affect traffic on the road since it may occupy more than one lane as it moves.

Towing Trailers

These are ideal for transporting heavy cargo over short distances. They are recommended for use over short distances because longer distances may result in excessive strain being placed on the tow chains and locks. Such an eventuality can pose a serious risk to the cargo and other road users so this transportation method is limited in travel range.

Flat Rack Trailers

These have some similarity with flatbed trucks. The most significant difference is that the cargo is placed on the trailer before that trailer is loaded onto a transport vehicle. Why wouldn't the load be placed directly onto the transport truck? The transport trucks for such cargo are better equipped to hold the trailer in place, rather than holding the cargo. It is therefore safer to transport your cargo in this fashion.

Flatbed Trailers

These are the most frequently used methods of transporting heavy cargo. They can be found with different payload capacities and that is why they are very common on most roads. A flatbed trailer is a trailer that has a very low platform onto which cargo is placed. Ramps may, or may not be used during the loading process. The only limitation for these kinds of trailers is that their weight-bearing capacity is limited to the lowest range of heavy cargo. This is in contrast to special trailers that are equipped to handle the higher extremes of heavy cargo.

As you can see, heavy haulage transport companies have the means to move any kind of cargo that a client requests them to transport. You should therefore have no worries that your heavy equipment will be very difficult to transport to your new facilities.