The Right Questions to Ask When Shopping for Clean Fill Dirt

Clean fill dirt can be used to help grade your property and fill in damaged areas and areas that have been dug up for any reason. Shopping for clean fill dirt is often different than shopping for topsoil or other such materials, so if you're a homeowner looking to fill in some areas of your property, note a few questions to consider about clean fill dirt. This will ensure you understand the importance of using the right type of soil for your property and understand what's involved in its use.

1. What is the difference between clean fill dirt and topsoil?

Topsoil is usually richer in nutrients and is good for growing your lawn and other vegetation; its density may also allow it to hold more moisture so that your lawn and landscaping are properly watered. Clean fill dirt is not so rich in nutrients, and in turn you may see that it costs much less than topsoil.

The moisture content of topsoil also causes it to settle over time. If you were to fill in holes in your property with topsoil rather than clean fill dirt, you may see that your lawn eventually develops small dips and valleys and even more holes because the topsoil settles in rather than staying as strong as fill dirt.

2. Ask a delivery company if you need a permit

Each area is different when it comes to the permits needed to accept delivery of certain materials on your property, and clean fill dirt will be no different. The company from which you get your clean fill dirt can usually assist you with finding the right permits and filing the paperwork, if necessary.

3. Consider the type of fill dirt you need

A fill dirt company can help you determine the type of fill dirt you need, based on why you need it. Non-compactable fill dirt is good for filling in holes in your yard and grading your soil, but it is not strong enough to support most construction projects. Compactable fill dirt will have little to no topsoil so it's much stronger and easier to compact and make virtually solid; this type of fill dirt is better for construction, including for use under concrete driveways and walkways.

If you're looking to use clean fill dirt for your property and may construct anything over that is heavier than a standard garden shed, note if you will need compactable fill dirt. If you simply want to put down paver stones over the area, non-compactable may be cheaper and still useable. The company from which you purchase can assist in making your choice.